This week, four of my most favorite people will be in Nashville April 8-10, 2010:  Heidi Baker, Angela Greenig and Scott & Sarah MacLeod at THE DIAMONDS CONFERENCE!  The Diamond Conference will help you release the love of God to youth, orphans and the abused.

All of God’s children are Diamonds.  Sometimes it just takes a little time to wipe-off the dirt.  Are you willing to help kids and encourage them towards their true destinies and identities?  Well then the Diamonds Conference is for you.  Perhaps YOU are a Diamond-n-the-rough.  You are wanted and welcome!  Evening sessions are FREE & open to the public.  Day sessions request a “help cover the expenses” fee.

Heidi Baker is a modern-day Mother Teresa (and I do mean modern!)  Committed to the LOVE of Jesus and to loving orphans in Africa and through-out the world, Heidi and her husband Roland bring a unique perspective to what it means to be a God-minded Christian in an end-times world.  More on Roland and Heidi below.

Angela Greenig is a wild-fire tornado transferring the presence of the Lord to all she encounters.  A former sexually-abused person, Angela testifies to the amazing power of God’s love and ability to heal the hurt and broken.  Angela and her husband Larry hail from Washington and attend special gatherings in Nashville’s inner city via Provision International, The Foundry and The Fortress of Hope.

Scott & Sarah MacLeod are two of Nashville’s spontaneous worship and prayer forerunners bringing teaching, serving the disadvantaged and releasing the sounds and songs of heaven.  In the early 1990’s, Scott co-founded The Foundry with several Nashville-area musicians and businessmen giving birth to Provision International & The Fortress of Hope.

Scott and Sarah oversaw the launch of Thunder School equipping musicians, artists and media influencers into fulltime creative professions and ministry.  (I had the pleasure of being on staff and a student with the original Thunder School predecessor, Siege School in 2005.)  Scott has also launched Harvest Sound Music Group.  See link below for more.


Only God knows!  When the good Lord converges four power-houses such as Heidi Baker, Angela Greenig and Scott & Sarah MacLeod, all heaven is going to break loose.  You can be sure that our Father will be present, that the worship music will be strong, and that an impartation of the Father’s heart for the abused and fatherless will be imparted.   Bring friends who need a reviving touch of hope and LOVE.

The evenings are FREE and open to the public. Arrive at least an hour early to secure a place inside the Fortress of Hope.  The Diamond Conference evening sessions will be packed wall-to-wall and may spill-out into the streets and/or overflow into The Foundry!  Use 1419 Clinton Street when Googling for directions.  The Fortress of Hope is on the corner of 16th Avenue North & Clinton Street, Nashville TN.

See you at Provision International, the home of The Foundry, The Fortress of Hope, Thunder School & Harvest Sound – Thurs. Fri. & Sat., April 8-10, 2010.  Free evening sessions doors open at 6 pm – God Explosion starts 7 pm.  Out-of-towners, make plans to stay overnight.  Chances are you will not want to drive home.  See links below the Heidi Baker video for more.

God’s love to you all!
Steven Joseph

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